The Revenge of the Disintermediated

Missouri Governor Nixon has signed into law a Missouri bill requiring that ACA Navigators be licensed by the Missouri Division of Insurance.  I am still wondering: "Licensed as what?" since the infrastructure to license these top level federally funded guides to Missouri's federally operated exchange is not in place.

In politics — as in the rest of life –  timing is everything.  If no Missouri  state health insurance Navigator licensing infrastructure is in place as of the  date of signing, will emergency state insurance regulations be necessary in order for Navigators to be in place when ACA enrollment opens on October 1st?  If not, who will perform the Navigator function in Missouri? Might we find volunteers in the already licensed but explicitly precluded from the Navigator role by federal law group known as for-profit commercial health insurance brokers?

This could get interesting. I think of these last attempts to derail an ACA insurance counseling system designed to promote direct purchase of health insurance as the revenge of the disintermediated.

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