Am I Cinderella or Am I a Pumpkin?

Seniors are on notice that they, or their caretakers, must be vigilant in attempting to determine their hospital admission or non-admission status at the Emergency Department. I have written elsewhere about what hangs in the balance but, now, with the promulgation (but delayed implementation)  of the "two-midnights" Medicare acute care reimbursement rule, observation-only admissions are likely to skyrocket.

This only re-enforces that Emergency Departments are no place to navigate alone. If you are not well, who will question providers closely about your admissions status? Who, indeed, will help you read New York's new administrative notification about the difference between admitted status (Cinderella) or observation status (pumpkin)? After all,  the ED is an excellent venue in which to exercise consumer choice, say when you are experiencing chest pain.

Friends don't let friends go to the ED alone.


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