The CDC Says Ebola Should Be as Easy as MRSA for an Acute Care Hospital to Contain

Who else felt a shiver go up their spine when the CDC announced that any acute care facility capable of implementing strict infection control procedures should be capable of caring for an Ebola Virus case? Well, if you know anything at all about infection control success at U.S. acute care hospitals, this should have given you pause. Strict infection control in U.S. acute care facilities has not been our long suit.

When I made this observation in a talk  on health care quality at the University of Toledo School of Law's joint medical-legal conference ("Scalpel to Gavel") this past Friday, it provoked audible, if uneasy, laughter from the health care provider-heavy crowd.

The way I see it, the least well informed about health care (those who think the Ebola virus is naturally spread by airborne measures) and the best informed about health care (those who are cognizant of our astonishingly poor record on implementing infection control procedures) share a common fear.  

The Ebola Virus certainly makes for some interesting bedfellows.

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