Scope of Practice Wars: The V.A. Weighs In (Kind Of)

The V.A. has put themselves out there with a new final rule allowing advanced practice nurses to practice to their full authority at V.A. facilities.  This is a big step toward increasing primary care  provider supply for V.A. patients. This rule was not promulgated without controversy.

Controversy appears to have taken down the part of the rule dealing with allowing certified nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) to also practice to their full  authority at V.A. facilities.  Here, the American Society of Anesthesiologists was quite vocal and, apparently, quite successful.  Full practice authority for CRNAs was just not as much of a priority for the V.A.

Make no mistake, even this limited new proposal should rock the world of many providers.  The V.A.'s role in treating 8 million veterans each year will make this the largest experiment in full authority practice for advanced practice nurses some jurisdictions have ever seen. 




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