Unbarring the Door to Death and Learning About the Valley of Lost Things

Kathryn Schulz has an almost unspeakably lovely essay in the Feb, 13/20 New Yorker where she writes about her two seasons of loss. She tells us of her increasing propensity to lose things while eventually discussing her biggest loss: the loss of her father. Yes, she is at a loss as she comes to terms with the fact that eventually everything and everyone will drift into the Valley of Lost Things.

"There's precious little solace for this, and zero redress; we will lose everything we love in the end.  But why should that matter so much?  By definition, we do not live in the end; we live all along the way. … Disappearance reminds us to notice, transience to cherish, fragility to defend. .. We are here to keep watch, not to keep."

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