Repealing, replacing, and saving healthcare for ALL Americans

President Trump's twitter response to the news of Humana's withdrawal from the exchanges reads, in part: Obamacare continues to fail. Humana to pull out in 2018. Will repeal, replace & save healthcare for ALL Americans.…

The article referenced by the President is an article from The Hill reporting Humana has decided to withdraw from the exchanges because the market is too unstable.  The source of that instability is reported to relate to the pool of insured has too many sick people and not enough healthy people.

When the President tweets this, does it mean he agrees with Humana's apparent business rationale? Does that mean his focus, when he repeals, replaces, and saves healthcare for ALL Americans will focus on getting more healthy Americans into the risk pool?

Or, does it mean he doubts Humana's apparent business rationale and he will focus on discerning Humana's actual motives and how to align those with his own health care reform plans?

The President's tweets and remarks on the ACA seem to want to have it all: the ACA does too much and the ACA does too little. So, which is it?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

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