The Great Hollowing Out

The funniest moment of last week's ASLME Conference panel on ACA Repeal & Replace: Implications and Issues to Watch was when Frank Pasquale responded to a question about whether the received political wisdom that a social welfare program once in place could never really be successfully rescinded is about to be tested.  Frank noted that the House version of the AHCA could be edited into a Senate version that might be seen more as a hollowing out of the ACA and, in that sense, rescission might be possible.

In a bravura performance reminiscent of Nathan Lane's/Max Bialystock's summary of almost the entire first act of The Producers at tobacco auction speed, Frank explained that the "how this might hurt you" conversation with a fellow American would depend on several variables related to state of residence, age, health status, income, gender, and a host of other things, so that by the time you could be through saying, "so, you see, this might not be so good for you" you might well have lost your fellow American, never mind yourself.

Yes, it was funny. No accident, after all, that our health care systems are so absurdly complex. 

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