“The optics on this don’t look good.”

No, the optics on your use of charter planes instead of general commercial aviation for ordinary course of business travel as Secretary of HHS don't look good, Secretary Don Price. You are correct.

You know where else the optics don't look good? Your twitter feed. The optics haven't been good there for a while.

Maybe it was your attack on the CBO director you placed in office in 2015 that got me wondering about your optics. Or, maybe it was your many posts attacking the ACA that focused on the anecdotal rather than evidence. Sure, I'll agree your PR flacks probably handle your twitter feed but it is your apparent abandonment of an interest in statistical evidence that made me doubt you as a man of science. Bring on the anecdotal videos, then, where selected Americans display their insurance illiteracy by arguing, for  example, that the price of comprehensive health insurance for a sixty one year old man will likely fall dramatically under Trumpcare. After all, affordable comprehensive health insurance for a sixty one year old man outside of employer sponsored health insurance was difficult to come by before the passage of the ACA. And you  had to have known the various iterations of Trumpcare, allowing anywhere from greater age based underwriting to potentially  unlimited age based underwriting (Graham-Cassidy), were not going to improve this situation. 

There is something particularly reprehensible about attempting to play on the ignorance of your earnest fellow citizens.

I know being Secretary of HHS is a bully pulpit. You appear to have wanted the position of Secretary of HHS very badly.  I also know that you have long associated yourself with an organization identifying participation in Medicare as immoral.  

But the idea that is it only the optics that look bad regarding your performance as Secretary of HHS, Mr. Price, is not correct.  The way in which your conduct and actions are perceived by the public may, in fact, be entirely accurate. Watching a grown man cower before the threat of termination from his post if he did not deliver ACA repeal, as you cowered  in the public eye at President Trump's now famous Boy Scout Jamboree speech, tells the public something unflattering about you.

No, the optics of your commitment to your job are not good and neither is the objective evidence.



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