Thin Health Insurance Masquerading as Comprehensive Insurance

Reports of a case like the recent action by the FTC against Simple Health Plans in Florida seeking to close the business down for, among other things, selling thin health insurance as comprehensive health insurance catch my eye.   Now, I understand Simple has a history of being a bad actor and that their marketing practices were also dishonest and illegal, but it always interests me when we talk about who gets to decide which health insurance product is right for the consumer and how aggressively the consumer may be "sold" on the product.  Because there is  pretty good data indicating most Americans do not understand their health insurance coverage very well and choose to delegate the choice of appropriate policy to someone else: employer, broker, etc.

So, how weak is our health insurance knowledge?  Well, some of Simple's  customers were apparently paying  $500 a month for insurance coverage that maxed out at about $3,000 a year.








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