I recently watched a movie with precious few laughs. 

There were a few good moments in The Late Bloomer, however, the best of which was when our sex therapist who has never passed through puberty suffers a head injury and ends up in the ED of a local hospital.  The consulting neurologist breezes in as our protagonist regains consciousness and orders a MRI of his brain. One beat later the neurologist turns to the patient and asks: "What kind of insurance do you have?"  When our protagonist responds with the information that he himself is a physician, the doctor says: "In that case, let's have an MRI and a CAT scan."

Bad movie, one great satirical moment. I'm laughing again as I read where one of the scriptwriters talks about how the original script response to the question about health insurance was supposed to elicit a cry of "Yahtzee!" from the ED physician.

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