Missouri Stands for the Unborn Act

By now you may have learned all about Missouri's new abortion bill that effectively bans all abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy. What the exception for medical emergency means is anybody's guess but it explicitly does not include rape or incest as within the definition of medical emergency.  Rumor is, Governor Pearson is planning to sign this into law in the coming week.

After Alabama's law banning all abortions at any stage of pregnancy, with exceptions only for a threat to a woman's life or lethal fetal condition, a number of states have been busy implementing variations on a theme.

It is the title that gets me.  Does Missouri stand for the unborn? By any calculation, wouldn't the top priority for the unborn be to have a mother alive?  And, yet, Missouri's maternal mortality continues to outpace even the mind-boggling rate of the overall United States.

1 thought on “Missouri Stands for the Unborn Act”

  1. Important , but it seems that the respectable author of the post , is unaware to the philosophy of the legislator ( of Missouri) and it is , that the unborn has the same or equal features of and adult typically. So , the issue of the mother v. the unborn , is not relevant philosophically, the unborn is is independent entity ( that is why homicide of the mother , is of the unborn also for example ) here I quote from the bill:
    (4) In ruling that Missouri’s prohibition on abortion was constitutional in 1972, the Missouri supreme court accepted as a stipulation of the parties that “‘[i]nfant Doe, Intervenor Defendant in this case, and all other unborn children have all the qualities and attributes of adult human persons differing only in age or maturity. Medically, human life is a continuum from conception to death.'” Rodgers v. Danforth, 486 S.W.2d 258, 259 (1972);
    And as illustration ( medical or scientific one ) I quote:
    (20) When intrauterine needling is performed on an unborn child at sixteen weeks gestational age or later, the reaction to this invasive stimulus is blood flow redistribution to the brain. Increased blood flow to the brain is the same type of stress response seen in a born child and an adult;


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