Go Fund Me and the Competition for Life-Saving Funding of Health Care and Health Research

The fact that the single leading purpose of Go Fund Me campaigns has, sadly, become to fund health care or, even, health research. What a people we are that, though apparently immune to the pain of millions of Americans who lack health insurance or adequate health insurance, we are moved to fund one-off charitable campaigns for rare disease treatment and rare disease research.

Yes, it is much harder to ignore the desperate individual right in front of you. But, the last Democratic Presidential campaign debate had an odd moment where several of the candidates seemed to represent that expanding decent health care to all would be free of costs to all taxpayers.  And, then each would try to slip into an obviously well-crafted and well-rehearsed anecdote about an individual experiencing the cruel realities of our health care system.

Because, it is hard to ignore the individual suffering right in front of you.

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