Got Insurance?

I go around telling people that information about ACA implementation ought to be as ubiquitous as those "Got Milk?" advertisements and that I would like to see some basic information on the side of milk cartons or on shrink wrapped cars tooling about Kansas City.  I am still looking for some takers on those ideas, but in the meantime I am very taken with an ACA education pamphlet put out by some IOM members working with some Emory University students:

I like it because it includes some necessary health insurance vocabulary education in it as well.  The ACA's health insurance exchanges would be far more approachable if the average American had a grasp on health insurance fundamentals.  They do not.  George Loewenstein, et al's forthcoming paper makes this very clear:

But those of us who have spent ample time working with consumers, at almost all income and educational levels, knew this already.

Most sobering of all is the data on the limited number of Americans who understand fundamentals like  health insurance co-pays and deductibles, essential to comparing plans both inside and outside the exchanges.

Here's the big takeaway: we were always ignorant and always paid the price for our ignorance. Now, we're going to be outed in our ignorance unless some serious thought is given to educating consumers about one of the single most important purchase decisions they will need to make for themselves and their families.

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