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What’s Up With the Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine?

It looks like the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19’s drug trial data contained some errors — particularly errors in administration of the vaccine itself and then documentation of the results. Not gonna lie, AstraZeneca’s clinical results for the new vaccine trials they have initiated should be given a searching review. Apparently, they have not always been fully forthcoming

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Yelp Reviews of Anti-Covid-19 Vaccination Doctors

The New York Times thinks online patient reviews of doctors spouting dangerous anti-vaccination swill is the first place to express your concern, not the state licensing authority. I have always seen the value in such sites, but what have we become that we no longer think state medical boards care about science?

Let’s Not Kid Ourselves About Acute Care Bed Supply

Some parts of the country, I’m looking at you Northern California, have so effectively squeezed all excess acute care bed capacity out of the system pre-Covid-19, that I don’t know what the New York Times could possibly mean: Hospitals across the country are operating near or above capacity … With so many hospitals facing the

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Decades of Exposure to PM 2.5 Pollution

I stop and read when articles on the long term health implications of PM 2.5 exposure catch my eye. I follow the science, in this casual way, as well as the environmental action (or inaction) taken in response to the deleterious effects of decades of exposure to these tiny lung-damaging industrial particles. And, I also

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CVS is Hiring for Vaccine Project!

Of course, it was never true that the mighty vaccination staffs of CVS and Walgreens, independent pharmacies, supermarket pharmacies, etc. combined would be able to vaccinate all takers. So, now CVS has to seriously bulk up to meet its contractual obligations. Walgreens can’t be far behind.

Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Available Yet?

I discussed the reports of Americans arriving at CVS and Walgreens for a COVID-19 vaccination. I asked my students to send me a picture of any sign warning no COVID-19 vaccine is yet available if they came across one. It took the first student to locate one only three days to send the picture on.

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