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What’s Your Healthcare Color Palette?

I’m loving Sherwin-Williams’ healthcare color palette. Which one is called “Missouri’s Voters Passed a Referendum on Medicaid Expansion But Can’t Get It Implemented Because of Blockage By Their Own Elected Officials?” Maybe a kind of muddy color?

Count Me Relieved: No Missouri “Vaccine Passports” Allowed

After all, no governmental entity has, as far as I know, required a “vaccine passport” in Missouri, but it is always smart to play to the gallery. And, it is smart to talk about Missouri HB 271 as targeting vaccine passports when the bill’s much more potent attack is on local public health authority, limiting… Continue reading Count Me Relieved: No Missouri “Vaccine Passports” Allowed

Fighting Missouri’s Medicaid Expansion

There are lots of reasons given by the legislators quoted in this article for fighting the people’s will on Missouri Medicaid Expansion, but surely the most troubling is the insistence that it must be opposed because the voters in the person’s district opposed it. Oh, is that how it works?


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