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California’s MICRA Non-Economic Damages Cap: Back to the Ballot?

It is deja vu all over again with a proposed initiative to raise California’s statutory damages cap on non-economic damages (typically pain and suffering) in actions concerning medical malpractice. We saw this last attempted in 2014, but it has been around and around a few times, given that this non-economic damages cap has remained unchanged… Continue reading California’s MICRA Non-Economic Damages Cap: Back to the Ballot?

Facts Are Stubborn Things

In Missouri, apparently, masking does not slow the spread. We don’t want to listen to any stinking data that might indicate otherwise. And, yet, facts are stubborn things.

Fire Arms Access Laws

What are sometimes called child-access prevention laws are certainly on everyone’s mind as we consider the story of a troubled fifteen year old’s access to a semi-automatic weapon in a Michigan school. We can look here for an overview of the patchwork of approaches and limitations and observe that Michigan has no laws in this… Continue reading Fire Arms Access Laws


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