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What Will Happen to the Medical-Loss Ratio in 2021?

Thanks to KFF, we now have some insight into what has happened to the medical-loss ratio in 2021. The short answer is that health care utilization, overall, is way down, so rebates for 2020 failure to achieve the medical-loss ration will be the order of the day for covered plans. The even more interesting question

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What Vaccine Efficacy Really Means

There is an excellent article in The Atlantic on this topic. I have to wonder, when the breakthroughs become more widespread, as they inevitably will once COVID-19 vaccination becomes more widespread, if people will start to realize that other vaccinations (measles, mumps, etc.) also leave a certain number of people vulnerable even after vaccination and

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The Real Story on Rationing of Hospital Beds

“We’ve created a separate and unequal hospital system and a separate and unequal funding system for low-income communities,” she [Dr. Elaine Batchlor] said in an interview. “And now with Covid, we’re seeing the disproportionate impact.” “She has pleaded with the governor for help, tried to shame other institutions into accepting transfers of patients and spoken

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