Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Us

Missouri's unique take on health insurance rate disclosure has made it to the Kansas City Star. Missouri is the only state that does not require health insurers to disclose in advance proposed insurance rates for products to be sold through the exchange. 

Why not? Is it that we love a surprise? Or, don't ask don't tell is a more comfortable perch from which to defend Missouri's other omission: failing to bargain for better rates for its citizens who will purchase through the exchange? Indeed, the latter is arguably the greater failing.

All of this does not stop the rumor mill from operating.  With a very limited range of choices available through Missouri's exchange and not even the disinfectant of sunshine available to  state rate reviewers, residents can only wait in dread for the rumored nineteen percent premium increase in exchange purchased health insurance.  

Just whose interests are served by a refusal to require advance notice of health insurance premium hikes?

Good thing we love surprises.











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