International Drug Overdose Awareness Day: The Price of Naloxone

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. I know of no formal events acknowledging this in KCMO (though there are, apparently, events  scheduled elsewhere in Missouri). Nevertheless,  the incredible swath of death and destruction drug overdoses have cut in America’s young adult population is on my mind today.

Missouri has only recently made Naloxone (a/k/a Narcan, popularly known as  the drug overdose reversal drug) available in pharmacies via prescription or physician order. This law took effect only three days ago.

Some Missouri law enforcement and fire control agencies have chosen to supply Naloxone to their first responders and some have not. Of those who have, I have to wonder how long Naloxone will remain affordable for this purpose. The idea that even generic competition has not driven the price down because it is liability concerns that keep it rising so high — reported at $375 a shot in one locale — is surely something that is amenable to a legislative fix, if there is political will. 

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