Do Regulators Actually Ever Shut Down a Nursing Home?

The story about the Covid 19 ridden nursing home in Orinda just gets worse and worse.  Turns out that facility, along with several other facilities under the same ownership, have a history of staffing, sanitation, and safety violations.  It ain't pretty.  Yet, even the owner-operator's fraudulent acquisition of her operator's license (purportedly by transcript fraud) was enough to get anyone's attention.  All of this was apparently not even bad enough to get them listed on this February, 2020 "Special Focus Facility Program" list put out by CMS.  

That's because we tuck people away in nursing homes and tend to operate on what could kindly be described as an out of sight – out of mind theory of quality control. It is, after all, seen as excessively burdensome to emphasize infection control in such group settings.  But, now that we know that Covid 19 contagion rampant there could threaten us all, we are, to put it gently, mightily concerned.