School Lunch Politics

The shortage of food for school lunch programs has finally hit the press. The New York Times tags it as a labor shortage, no make that a supply shortage. Perhaps it is both. But those who emphasize the shortage is the end result of the decision to make school lunch free to all students during the pandemic know very little about just how skimpy a federally funded school lunch can be in pandemic times under the waiver of many school lunch nutritional requirements. They may also know very little about childhood poverty in the U.S.

Did Missouri’s Vaccine Reward Lottery Work?

Apparently not. No surprises here. There is significant data, from outside the COVID-19 universe, that it is the incentive of hard cash that, if anything, can help motivate the move toward health and wellness seeking behavior. Did anybody in Missouri actually consult anyone else in advance? Who advised that a lottery would draw large numbers of people into the vaccination fold?

Missouri Can’t Compete in a Free Market for Travel Nurses

So, what next? For all those dithering about whether the unvaccinated ought to be eligible for hospital-based COVID-19 treatment, maybe it is time to stop and think about how having a hospital “bed” available means more than a physical bed, it means a staffed bed, and, in particular, a bed staffed for COVID-19 treatment. The brutality of the market is determining who gets a fully staffed COVID-19 hospital bed in Missouri, not the philosopher kings among us.